Hovering Above All

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About Us



Our goal is to bring people closer to the beer and learn the culture of beer drinking, all through the brewing styles with which even the biggest beer lovers
rarely meet. By distancing ourselves from commercial beer, we want to intrigue those who have not been drinking beer, with emphasis on women.

The whole story is based on characters that are, in principle, Zeppelin's crew, and their features, looks and characteristics are related to our beer.

The "master" chief is Daniel Babić known in the world of brewery as 'Žedni' (Thirsty). Daniel is one of the most rewarded home brewers. Exceptionally gifted and with sensitive palate for the evaluation of others, besides being a beer judge in the region, he has been given the opportunity to try out commercially, as the master brewer.


Zeppelin Craft Brewery has come out on the market ready to be tantalise the palate and visually intrigue.

Zeppelin Craft Brewery